Web server market share for active sites

April 2022 Web Server Study

In the April 2022 study we got reactions from 1,160,964,134 websites throughout 271,960,629 special domains and 11,974,636 web-facing computer systems. This shows a loss of 8.66 million websites and 217,000 domains, however a gain of 97,400 computer systems.

Among the leading 10 suppliers, nginx got the biggest variety of domains and computer systems this month, preserving its lead in both of these metrics. Its net development of 537,000 domains has actually taken its amount to 73.8 million domains and increased its market share in this metric to 27.1%. Combined with a bottom line of 573,000 domains powered by Apache, this has actually culminated in nginx’s market share lead over Apache being extended from 3.63 portion indicate 4.04.

The variety of web-facing computer systems running nginx grew by 80,200 (+1.78%), pressing its market share approximately 38.3% while Apache’s was up to 29.0%. nginx likewise continues to have the biggest market share of websites (31.1%), in spite of losing over half a million this month.

Within the leading million sites, Cloudflare made the biggest gain of 3,350 websites as it continues to edge its method up towards the leaders. Apache is presently still in the lead with 229,000 websites in the leading million, however lost 1,700 this month; and nginx remains in 2nd location with 218,000 websites after losing 2,250. Cloudflare now has 199,000 websites and looks set to surpass both nginx and Apache by the end of the year if it keeps this rate of development. Among all sites, Cloudflare lost 38,400 websites however got 115,000 domains.

OpenResty was the significant supplier that got most websites this month, increasing its overall by 1.47 million to 93.0 million (+1.61%), and it likewise got 6,890 web-facing computer systems.

While the majority of the leading suppliers lost active websites this month, Pepyaka made a substantial gain of 1.22 million active websites (+27.6%). This server is primarily utilized by the Wix web advancement platform, which changed from utilizing nginx in 2018. It is presently the 8th most frequently utilized web server by active websites, and 11th by websites. Resemblances in the variation numbering given that 2018 recommend Pepyaka is most likely based upon mainline releases of nginx.

Even more down the field, GHS got 1.08 million (+36.7%) websites and 554,000 (+35.5%) domains. GHS (Google Host Server) is among Google’s exclusive web servers, which can be utilized by websites signed up through Google Domains. It is likewise still utilized to reroute traffic from websites that were produced with Google Page Developer. When this site development service closed down in 2009, existing pages were moved to Google Sites, which hosts user material in subdirectories under the hostname.

Supplier news

Apache Tomcat 8.5.78, 9.0.62, 10.0.20 and 10.1.0-M14 (alpha) were launched on 1 April 2022. Among other modifications, all of these releases consist of a mitigation for a Spring Structure vulnerability (CVE-2022-22965) that might make some Tomcat servers susceptible to remote code execution attacks.
Tomcat Native 1.2.32 was launched on 22 March 2022. This is an optional part for usage with Apache Tomcat that can supply much better efficiency and compatibility by enabling Tomcat to utilize specific native resources.
njs 0.7.3 was launched on 12 April 2022. This is the JavaScript-based scripting language that can be utilized to extend the performance of nginx, and the most recent variation now enables the host environment to manage how imported modules are filled.
OpenResty RC3 was launched on 18 April 20202. This consists of some bugfixes and utilizes a more recent variation of the LuaJIT 2 compiler.
Microsoft Azure now provides a bring your own IP address (BYOIP) function with Customized IP Prefix that lets clients bring their own public IPv4 address varies to Azure in all public areas. These varieties can then be related to Azure resources, connect with personal addresses and VNETs within Azure’s networks, and reach external locations through Microsoft’s Wide Location Network.
Cloudflare’s Magic Transit DDoS mitigation option now provides a brand-new mode (As needed + Flow-based Tracking) that incorporates Kentik Secure to immediately find attacks.
Lastly, have you seen less CAPTCHAs online? Cloudflare has actually decreased the variety of CAPTCHAs it serves by 91% over the previous year, and now prepares to stop utilizing them completely.

Web server market share

DeveloperMarch 2022PercentApril 2022PercentChange.
nginx361,976,27230.95% 361,438,14331.13% 0.18.
Apache272,919,65123.33% 268,005,91623.08% -0.25.
OpenResty91,479,3857.82% 92,950,8648.01% 0.19.
Cloudflare63,739,5995.45% 63,701,2325.49% 0.04.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperMarch 2022PercentApril 2022PercentChange.
Apache45,878,51222.86% 45,259,21822.58% -0.28.
nginx40,938,69820.40% 40,234,68520.08% -0.33.
Cloudflare20,909,87110.42% 20,892,72110.42% 0.00.
Google19,162,2109.55% 17,812,0928.89% -0.66.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperMarch 2022PercentApril 2022PercentChange.
Apache230,44123.04% 228,73822.87% -0.17.
nginx220,11222.01% 217,85821.79% -0.23.
Cloudflare195,26419.53% 198,61419.86% 0.34.
Microsoft57,8385.78% 57,2195.72% -0.06.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperMarch 2022PercentApril 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,500,15937.89% 4,580,33338.25% 0.36.
Apache3,486,01929.35% 3,468,64228.97% -0.38.
Microsoft1,340,34611.29% 1,354,82611.31% 0.03.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperMarch 2022PercentApril 2022PercentChange.
nginx73,239,23526.91% 73,776,24727.13% 0.22.
Apache63,365,69623.28% 62,792,75523.09% -0.19.
OpenResty40,803,44014.99% 40,671,23614.95% -0.04.
Cloudflare22,923,2898.42% 23,038,5608.47% 0.05.

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