Web server market share for active sites

August 2022 Web Server Study

In the August 2022 study we got reactions from 1,135,075,578 websites throughout 271,740,771 distinct domains
and 12,365,527 web-facing computer systems. This shows a loss of 4.4 million websites, however a gain of 12,212 domains and
24,355 computer systems.

OpenResty saw the most considerable modification in web-facing computer systems, with a gain of 10,138 (6.1%). Moreover, 2.8
million (3.1%) additional websites were seen considering that July, with a little loss of 466,322 domains (1.2%). This continues the pattern
of OpenResty’s quick development in web-facing computer systems (46% considering that August 2021) while the variety of domains and websites has not
grown in tandem, staying approximately fixed over the duration.

nginx continues to be the most typically utilized web server and saw modest gains of 25,053 domains (0.03%) and 13,481
computer systems (0.3%). Nevertheless, we experienced a substantial decrease in the variety of nginx-hosted websites reacting to
our demands this month, with a loss of over 15 million. This represents around 4% of websites hosted utilizing nginx in July.

Continuing the pattern of strong development over the previous 2 months, Cloudflare acquired an extra 4.4 million websites
( 6%) and 1.1 million domains (4.7%). This offers Cloudflare an overall market share of 6.8% of websites and 9% of domains, an
boost of 0.4 pp on both metrics considering that July. Cloudflare likewise had the greatest development among the leading million busiest
websites, getting 0.25 pp, consequently holding a 20.51% market share.

Apache’s position as the most typically utilized web server for the leading million busiest websites continues to wear down, with a loss of
0.19 pp this month. nginx continues to acquire market share, up 0.07 pp. If this pattern continues, nginx will surpass Apache
in the short-term, and in the long term, Cloudflare will surpass both of its competitors.

Supplier news

nginx declared its dedication to the open source neighborhood in this year’s roadmap, with a higher concentrate on modernising its neighborhood management technique and optimising end designer experiences.
Lighttpd 1.4.66 was launched on 7 August 2022, including a series of bug repairs.
Apache Tomcat 8.5.82 was launched on 13 August 2022. Most of modifications were small, nevertheless, the release consists of a mitigation for an XSS vulnerability in example code dispersed with Tomcat (CVE-2022-34305).
Cloudflare revealed the accessibility of Weighted Pools for its Load Balancer item, which enables appointing weights to origin servers to disperse demands non-uniformly.
LiteSpeed Web Server 6.1 RC1 Dev was launched on 17 August 2022. This is the most recent variation in the LSWS 6.1 stream and consists of assistance for activating reCAPTCHA in its mod_security engine, and a number of bugfixes.

Web server market share

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange.
nginx343,354,78530.13% 328,204,21128.91% -1.22.
Apache258,219,19322.66% 256,787,97622.62% -0.04.
OpenResty89,805,0207.88% 92,609,4148.16% 0.28.
Cloudflare73,162,6816.42% 77,538,2266.83% 0.41.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange.
Apache44,643,00222.66% 44,132,53322.20% -0.46.
nginx39,859,33820.23% 39,767,85420.00% -0.23.
Cloudflare20,587,12210.45% 21,302,28510.71% 0.27.
Google19,193,2029.74% 19,024,2569.57% -0.17.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange.
Apache223,26722.33% 221,39522.14% -0.19.
nginx215,45821.55% 216,17521.62% 0.07.
Cloudflare202,62120.26% 205,13020.51% 0.25.
Microsoft55,8905.59% 55,6265.56% -0.03.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,756,60738.54% 4,770,13038.58% 0.03.
Apache3,446,87227.93% 3,423,69727.69% -0.24.
Microsoft1,345,83710.91% 1,331,05210.76% -0.14.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperJuly 2022PercentAugust 2022PercentChange.
nginx75,038,11027.62% 75,063,16327.62% 0.01.
Apache61,290,01522.56% 60,875,28022.40% -0.15.
OpenResty40,153,80414.78% 39,687,48214.60% -0.17.
Cloudflare23,327,3008.58% 24,416,6938.99% 0.40.

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