Web server market share for active sites

December 2021 Web Server Study

In the December 2021 study we got reactions from 1,168,864,866 websites throughout 268,328,184 distinct domains and 11,669,818 web-facing computer systems. This represents a loss of 6.53 million websites, however a gain of 1.30 million domains and 144,000 computer systems.

nginx lost a considerable variety of websites (-23.88 million) and domains (-8.54 million) this month, though it continues to hold the greatest market share in both classifications with 32.9% of websites and 26.7% of domains. nginx’s domain market share lead over Apache dropped substantially, falling from a 5.6 portion point result in a 2.6 portion point lead. nginx likewise acquired 81,100 web-facing computer systems this month, providing it 37.5% of market share in this classification.

Apache likewise lost websites (-3.09 million) and domains (-446,000) this month, though it acquired 5,700 web-facing computer systems. Apache continues to hold 2nd location throughout all 3 essential metrics.

The biggest boost in both domains and hostnames was seen for “awselb”, utilized by Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancing service, and represent most of the loss experienced by nginx. The modification was as an outcome of GoDaddy’s URL redirector service, which permits domains signed up with GoDaddy to be pointed at approximate URLs, being moved from their own hosting centers to Amazon’s ELB service.

Numerous other web servers likewise saw sensible development in the variety of websites this month, with OpenResty and Microsoft getting 2.42 million and 2.15 million respectively, followed by LiteSpeed and Cloudflare with 1.76 million and 1.28 million. Less servers acquired domains this month, though OpenResty acquired a decent 850,500 (+2.19%).

Cloudflare acquired 2,431 websites in the million most popular websites, increasing its market share by 0.24 portion indicate 18.6%. Apache continues to preserve a slim lead over nginx, though both lost websites this month. Microsoft’s market share dropped, as it lost 4,119 websites this month taking it to 6.15% of the overall and below 6.89% at the start of the year.

Log4Shell influence on web servers

An important vulnerability called “Log4Shell” was determined in the Java log4j logging library, and was openly revealed on 9th December. The vulnerability has actually affected a broad variety of companies as the log4j library is commonly utilized, and the defect can be quickly made use of to burglarize systems, take information, and contaminate networks with destructive software application.

Numerous widely-used web servers such as Tomcat and Jetty are composed in Java however do not utilize the log4j library by default so are not straight impacted by the problem. Nevertheless, they can be set up to do so, and it is likewise possible that websites that utilize popular web servers composed in other languages – Apache and nginx are composed in C, for example – might still utilize the susceptible library at some level in their innovation stack.

Numerous less widely known servers incorporate the log4j library straight, such as IBM WebSphere. Numerous WebSphere parts such as the Admin Console utilize the library therefore are susceptible to the problem, while applications served utilizing WebSphere might be susceptible if they utilize the library. IBM WebSphere is not commonly utilized: this month Netcraft determined 3,778 websites utilizing the server, which were hosted on 830 IP addresses. Among these, Netcraft discovered federal government and banking sites, though it is unidentified whether these websites are susceptible.

Supplier news

Apache 2.4.52 was launched on 20 December. This release repairs a number of security concerns, consisting of a possible buffer overflow in mod_lua and server-side demand forgery vulnerability in forward proxy setups.
nginx system 1.26.1 was provided on 2 December and repairs a number of bugs presented in the 1.26.0 release.
Lighttpd 1.4.62 and 1.4.63 were launched in fast succession at the start of December and consist of numerous small modifications and bugfixes.
Apache Tomcat 9.0.56, 10.0.14, and 10.1.0-M8 (alpha) were launched on 2 December.

Web server market share

DeveloperNovember 2021PercentDecember 2021PercentChange.
nginx408,226,31934.73% 384,347,39432.88% -1.85.
Apache286,494,60024.37% 283,409,49124.25% -0.13.
OpenResty76,480,9276.51% 78,902,1386.75% 0.24.
Cloudflare58,629,3654.99% 59,904,4505.13% 0.14.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperNovember 2021PercentDecember 2021PercentChange.
Apache47,499,41123.73% 47,216,24623.61% -0.12.
nginx41,163,24020.56% 39,893,79319.95% -0.62.
Cloudflare18,873,0759.43% 19,249,1279.62% 0.20.
Google18,957,8339.47% 19,110,5089.55% 0.08.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperNovember 2021PercentDecember 2021PercentChange.
Apache239,88023.99% 237,63323.76% -0.22.
nginx223,63422.36% 222,25322.23% -0.14.
Cloudflare183,51418.35% 185,94518.59% 0.24.
Microsoft65,5796.56% 61,4606.15% -0.41.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperNovember 2021PercentDecember 2021PercentChange.
nginx4,293,59437.25% 4,374,72137.49% 0.24.
Apache3,519,66830.54% 3,525,36730.21% -0.33.
Microsoft1,344,32211.66% 1,351,66611.58% -0.08.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperNovember 2021PercentDecember 2021PercentChange.
nginx80,237,54130.05% 71,698,14326.72% -3.33.
Apache65,185,64024.41% 64,739,25824.13% -0.28.
OpenResty38,800,71614.53% 39,651,22114.78% 0.25.
Cloudflare22,024,9748.25% 22,242,2248.29% 0.04.

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