Web server market share for active sites

January 2022 Web Server Study

In the January 2022 study we got actions from 1,167,715,133 websites throughout 269,835,071 distinct domains and 11,700,892 web-facing computer systems. This shows a loss of 1.15 million websites, however a gain of 1.51 million domains and 31,100 computer systems.

nginx lost 7.33 million websites this month (-1.91%) however continues to be the most typically utilized web server with 32.3% of all websites utilizing it. Although nginx’s share has actually fallen, Apache is still more than 8 portion points behind after losing 3.70 million websites (-1.31%), which has actually taken its own market share to 23.9%.

nginx likewise leads in the domains metric, where it has a share of 26.6% compared to Apache’s 23.9%. This shows a little decrease in nginx’s share– in spite of a modest gain of 25,400 domains– while Apache suffered the biggest loss of 287,000 domains.

The biggest website and domain development was seen by Pepyaka, which is a web server that has actually mostly been utilized by the Wix web advancement platform given that it changed from utilizing nginx in 2018. The variety of websites utilizing Pepyaka grew by 4.02 million to 7.30 million this month, while its domain count increased by 1.80 million to 3.30 million.

The next biggest domain development was seen by OpenResty, which got 686,000 domains this month, and 1.34 million websites in overall. The 2nd biggest website development was seen by Microsoft, which got 2.46 million websites and now represents 4.86% of all websites and 5.00% of all domains.

Constraining the view to active websites, Apache is still the most typically utilized web server, however its market share has actually fallen somewhat to 23.4% after losing majority a million active websites this month. On the other hand, nginx got 230,000 active websites and has actually increased its share to 20.2%.

Apache likewise keeps a small lead in the leading million sites, where it is utilized by 235,000 websites compared to 222,000 for nginx. Nevertheless, Cloudflare has actually increased its existence by an additional 4,959 websites and is now not too far behind with an overall of 191,000. If this pattern continues, Cloudflare might quickly surpass both nginx and Apache to end up being the most typically utilized top-million web server.

Taking a look at web-facing computer systems, nginx’s strong development continues unabated. This month it is being utilized by an extra 32,700 web-facing computer systems and its market share has actually increased to 37.7%. Its lead over Apache was even more extended by Apache’s loss of 29,100 computer systems, which sent out Apache’s share to 29.9%.

Supplier news

Apache 2.4.52 was launched on 20 December 2021. This is the most recent release from the 2.4.x steady branch and consists of 2 security repairs among a host of other modifications.
Apache Tomcat 9.0.56, 10.0.14 and 10.1.0-M8 (alpha) were launched on 8 December 2021. Each of these variations consist of a repair for a recognized os bug that might trigger inbound connections to be reported more than as soon as.
nginx 1.21.5 was launched on 28 December 2021. This is the most recent release in the mainline branch of nginx and is now developed with the PCRE2 library by default.
njs 0.7.1 was likewise launched on 28 December 2021. This release consists of a number of bugfixes and some other modifications to make sure that njs scripts utilize the very same routine expression library as nginx.
Microsoft has actually reduced an insecure default behaviour in the Azure App Service that unintentionally exposed numerous source code repositories. The group that discovered the vulnerability kept in mind that it had actually existed given that September 2017 and has actually most likely been made use of in the wild. The issue might have affected PHP, Node, Ruby, Python and Java applications that serve fixed material, along with some Azure App Service Linux applications that were released utilizing Regional Git after files were developed or customized in the material root.
Cloudflare has actually presented a brand-new item called Bulk Redirects, which lets site administrators upload and make it possible for great deals of URL reroutes. These were normally executed with Page Rules in the past, which are restricted to an optimum of 125 redirects.
OpenResty RC1 was launched on 16 December 2021. This variation is based upon nginx 1.21.4 and includes a number of brand-new functions consisting of assistance for BoringSSL.

Web server market share

DeveloperDecember 2021PercentJanuary 2022PercentChange.
nginx384,347,39432.88% 377,019,05432.29% -0.60.
Apache283,409,49124.25% 279,709,81523.95% -0.29.
OpenResty78,902,1386.75% 80,238,4706.87% 0.12.
Cloudflare59,904,4505.13% 60,881,0285.21% 0.09.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperDecember 2021PercentJanuary 2022PercentChange.
Apache47,216,24623.61% 46,644,96223.44% -0.17.
nginx39,893,79319.95% 40,123,74020.16% 0.22.
Google19,110,5089.55% 19,230,4259.66% 0.11.
Cloudflare19,249,1279.62% 19,139,4969.62% -0.01.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperDecember 2021PercentJanuary 2022PercentChange.
Apache237,63323.76% 234,79823.48% -0.28.
nginx222,25322.23% 221,63722.16% -0.06.
Cloudflare185,94518.59% 190,90419.09% 0.50.
Microsoft61,4606.15% 60,4356.04% -0.10.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperDecember 2021PercentJanuary 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,374,72137.49% 4,407,41937.67% 0.18.
Apache3,525,36730.21% 3,496,31229.88% -0.33.
Microsoft1,351,66611.58% 1,365,98511.67% 0.09.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperDecember 2021PercentJanuary 2022PercentChange.
nginx71,698,14326.72% 71,723,52726.58% -0.14.
Apache64,739,25824.13% 64,452,16923.89% -0.24.
OpenResty39,651,22114.78% 40,336,85114.95% 0.17.
Cloudflare22,242,2248.29% 22,466,0348.33% 0.04.

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