Web server market share for active sites

June 2022 Web Server Study

In the June 2022 study we got actions from 1,146,976,964 websites throughout 273,010,403 distinct domains and 12,224,786 web-facing computer systems. This shows a loss of 8.75 million websites and 583,000 domains, however a gain of 155,000 computer systems.

Cloudflare experienced strong development this month, getting 2.99 million websites and 85,000 domains, representing a 4.64% development in its variety of websites. Cloudflare experienced a considerable interruption on 21 June, affecting around half of the overall demands made to its network. The interruption lasted around an hour and a half and impacted a considerable variety of popular websites. 20.2% of the million most checked out websites depend on Cloudflare (up 1,400 websites considering that last month).

The 3 biggest suppliers by the million most checked out websites metric– Apache, nginx, and Cloudflare– all have comparable market share, though just Cloudflare acquired market share this month. Apache saw the biggest loss, dropping 2,190 websites (-0.96%), while nginx lost 280 websites (-0.13%).

LiteSpeed acquired a considerable variety of websites with an addition of 2.96 million (+5.89%), and acquired 171,000 (+2.21%) domains – the 2nd biggest boost this month. The variety of web-facing computer systems utilizing LiteSpeed likewise revealed strong development, increasing by 4,460 (+3.44%) to an overall of 134,000.

nginx and Apache stay the 2 biggest server suppliers, though both saw comparable losses of 6.52 million (-1.84%) and 6.18 million (-2.33%) websites this month. Regardless of this, nginx acquired 795,000 (+1.06%) domains and saw ongoing development in the variety of web-facing computer systems with 158,000 (+3.44%) computer systems. On the other hand, Apache lost 1.07 million domains (-1.71%) and 25,700 (-0.74%) web-facing computer systems.

Supplier news

Apache httpd 2.4.54 was launched on 8 June 2022. This release fixes numerous security problems, consisting of numerous that impact mod_lua.
nginx 1.23.0 was launched on 21 June 2022. This is the very first release in the 1.23.x mainline branch which will consist of recently established functions and bug repairs. By contrast, the 1.22.x steady branch launched last month will just get significant bug repairs from the 1.23 mainline release. The upgrade consists of numerous modifications that impact headers in addition to numerous bug repairs.
njs 0.7.5 was likewise launched on 21 June along with nginx 1.23.0. njs is nginx’s JavaScript-based scripting language, and this upgrade consists of numerous little modifications impacting headers in addition to bug repairs.
Lighttpd 1.4.65 was launched on 7 June 2022, bringing with it an application of WebSockets over HTTP/2. The release likewise consists of a statement of future set up behaviour modifications that consist of utilizing strong, contemporary TLS cipher suites by default.
Apple revealed assistance for Personal Gain access to Tokens in upcoming releases of iOS and macOS. This becomes part of the Personal privacy Pass requirement, a partnership in between Apple, Google, and Cloudflare that can change CAPTCHAs throughout the web by supplying a safe method for the gadget to confirm that it is a genuine gadget.
Google Cloud just recently included 5 brand-new local information centers, taking the overall variety of readily available GCP areas to 34. The brand-new areas included remained in Columbus, OH, Madrid, Dallas, TX, Milan, and Paris.

Web server market share

DeveloperMay 2022PercentJune 2022PercentChange.
nginx354,871,62830.71% 348,349,32630.37% -0.33.
Apache265,688,42022.99% 259,509,06222.63% -0.36.
OpenResty92,848,3668.03% 92,789,9678.09% 0.06.
Cloudflare64,369,5455.57% 67,355,9205.87% 0.30.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperMay 2022PercentJune 2022PercentChange.
Apache45,239,58322.85% 44,739,96922.60% -0.25.
nginx39,868,23520.14% 39,866,16520.14% 0.00.
Cloudflare20,167,75710.19% 20,245,60810.23% 0.04.
Google18,789,4899.49% 18,635,4849.42% -0.08.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperMay 2022PercentJune 2022PercentChange.
Apache227,64222.76% 225,45422.55% -0.22.
nginx216,69721.67% 216,41421.64% -0.03.
Cloudflare200,43620.04% 201,84320.18% 0.14.
Microsoft56,2605.63% 56,2605.63% 0.00.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperMay 2022PercentJune 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,601,78438.13% 4,759,97038.94% 0.81.
Apache3,450,58728.59% 3,424,93428.02% -0.57.
Microsoft1,354,52611.22% 1,356,00711.09% -0.13.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperMay 2022PercentJune 2022PercentChange.
nginx75,018,11027.42% 75,813,95527.77% 0.35.
Apache62,740,79622.93% 61,669,65122.59% -0.34.
OpenResty40,785,78314.91% 40,508,73214.84% -0.07.
Cloudflare22,982,9348.40% 23,067,9468.45% 0.05.

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