Web server market share for active sites

May 2022 Web Server Study

In the May 2022 study we got actions from 1,155,729,496 websites throughout 273,593,762 special domains and 12,069,814 web-facing computer systems. This shows a loss of 5.23 million websites however a gain of 1.63 million domains and 95,200 computer systems.

nginx acquired the biggest variety of domains (+1.24 million) and likewise a large quantity of web-facing computer systems (+21,500), more protecting its lead in both metrics. The overall variety of domains powered by nginx is now 75.0 million (+1.68%) and its market share has actually increased to 27.4% (+0.29 ). In regards to web-facing computer systems, nginx now has an overall of 4.60 million; and although its leading market share fell a little to 38.1%, Apache’s fell a little more, extending the space in between the 2 to 9.54 portion points.

nginx likewise continues to lead with a 30.7% share of all websites, regardless of losing the biggest quantity this month (-6.57 million). Apache follows with a share of 23.0%, however likewise lost a a great deal of websites (-2.32 million). The biggest gain in this metric was seen by Google, which included 2.96 million websites to its overall and increased its market share to 4.14%. LiteSpeed made the 2nd biggest gain of 1.26 million websites, and remains a little ahead of Google with a share of 4.35%.

Google and LiteSpeed likewise made the only substantial gains in the active websites metric, with Google getting 977,000 and LiteSpeed getting 151,000. Google has a higher lead in this metric, with a market share of 9.49% versus LiteSpeed’s 4.60%.

Cloudflare is continuing to edge its method up towards the leaders in the leading million sites. This month it acquired an extra 1,822 websites and now represents more than 20% of the leading million websites for the very first time. On the other hand, both Apache and nginx lost more than a thousand websites each in the leading million, making it look ever most likely that Cloudflare might acquire locations by the end of the year. Apache, nginx and Cloudflare presently have top-million website shares of 22.8%, 21.7% and 20.0% respectively.

One surprise this month was that the biggest computer system development was seen not by nginx, however by the awselb (Amazon Web Solutions Elastic Load Balancing) web server, which acquired 26,200 computer systems to reach an overall of 378,000. These computer systems are most likely to form just a little portion of the AWS facilities utilized by the 1.86 million websites that are served from these computer systems, as AWS ELB accomplishes fault tolerance and scalability by instantly dispersing inbound application traffic throughout numerous targets, and can likewise spread out traffic throughout numerous AWS Schedule Zones.

Supplier news

nginx 1.22.0 was launched on 24 Might 2022. This is the very first release in the 1.22.x steady branch and integrates brand-new functions and bug repairs from the 1.21.x mainline branch. A few of the noteworthy brand-new functions consist of assistance for OpenSSL 3.0 and the PCRE2 library, in addition to some security enhancements such as solidifying versus prospective demand smuggling and cross-protocol attacks.
njs 0.7.4 was likewise launched on 24 May 2022. This variation of nginx’s JavaScript-based scripting language consists of numerous bug repairs and includes prolonged regulations for setting up the Fetch API.
Apache Tomcat 9.0.63, 10.0.21 and 10.1.0-M15 (alpha) were launched on 16 Might 2022. Tomcat 8.5.79 was later on launched on 23 May. Among other modifications, all of these variations consist of a brand-new mistake message that is revealed when the Linux kernel replicate accept bug is found. This modification follows the recognition of the source of the bug in addition to the kernel variation that consists of the repair.
OpenResty was launched on 18 Might 2022. This web platform now utilizes nginx 1.21.4 mainline as its core and integrates lots of other brand-new functions, consisting of assistance for BoringSSL.
On 3 Might 2022, Microsoft revealed the basic schedule of its next-generation WAF (web application firewall program) engine on Azure Application Entrance. This uses Open Web Application Security Job (OWASP) Core Guideline Set 3.2 (CRS 3.2), which is meant to supply increased protection for web vulnerabilities, minimize incorrect positives, and secure versus particular vulnerabilities like Log4J and SpringShell.
Microsoft has actually likewise broadened its Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to motivate more clients to move their web applications to Azure. Azure likewise uses complimentary Extended Security Updates for SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012, providing more time to update older applications for 3 extra years beyond the ten years given by Microsoft Assistance.
Cloudflare made numerous brand-new functions offered throughout the month of May, consisting of:.

Web server market share

DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange.
nginx361,438,14331.13% 354,871,62830.71% -0.43.
Apache268,005,91623.08% 265,688,42022.99% -0.10.
OpenResty92,950,8648.01% 92,848,3668.03% 0.03.
Cloudflare63,701,2325.49% 64,369,5455.57% 0.08.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange.
Apache45,259,21822.58% 45,239,58322.85% 0.27.
nginx40,234,68520.08% 39,868,23520.14% 0.06.
Cloudflare20,892,72110.42% 20,167,75710.19% -0.24.
Google17,812,0928.89% 18,789,4899.49% 0.60.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange.
Apache228,73822.87% 227,64222.76% -0.11.
nginx217,85821.79% 216,69721.67% -0.12.
Cloudflare198,61419.86% 200,43620.04% 0.18.
Microsoft57,2195.72% 56,2605.63% -0.10.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,580,33338.25% 4,601,78438.13% -0.12.
Apache3,468,64228.97% 3,450,58728.59% -0.38.
Microsoft1,354,82611.31% 1,354,52611.22% -0.09.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange.
nginx73,776,24727.13% 75,018,11027.42% 0.29.
Apache62,792,75523.09% 62,740,79622.93% -0.16.
OpenResty40,671,23614.95% 40,785,78314.91% -0.05.
Cloudflare23,038,5608.47% 22,982,9348.40% -0.07.

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