Web server market share for active sites

September 2022 Web Server Study

In the September 2022 study we got actions from 1,129,251,133 websites throughout 271,625,260 distinct domains, and 12,252,171 web-facing computer systems. This month all 3 metrics have actually reduced given that August, with a loss of 5.82 million websites, 115,512 distinct domains and 113,356 web-facing computer systems.

nginx had the biggest boost in web-facing computer systems, getting 28,887 (+0.56%) this month. OpenResty had the 2nd biggest boost, getting 6,008 (+3.54%) web-facing computer systems, in addition to a gain of 339,813 (+0.86%) domains and 149,893 (+2.35%) active websites. Google revealed strong development in all metrics, with a boost of 5,127 web-facing computer systems, 211,135 (+8.83%) domains, and 895,225 (+4.71%) active websites.

Within the leading million busiest websites, Apache lost 0.21 pp of its market share. In spite of this, it continues to be the most frequently utilized web server in the leading million. nginx likewise continued its long-lasting down pattern, however lost just 0.14 pp, even more closing the space in between Apache and nginx. The space now stands at 4,499 websites, a decline of 13.8% given that last month. On the other hand, Cloudflare’s development continues, with its market share in the leading million increasing by 0.25 pp.

Apache likewise experienced a loss in general market share, losing 414,684 (-0.94%) active websites and 18,156 computer systems (-0.49%). The only other designers to lose active websites were Microsoft and nginx, with losses of 58,443 (-1.01%) and (-0.10%) respectively.

LiteSpeed’s market share continues to increase at a constant rate, with it getting 92,704 (+1.14%) domains and 70,146 (+0.73%) active websites this month.

Supplier news

njs 0.7.7, the scripting language utilized to extend nginx, was launched on 30 August 2022, with brand-new functions and bug repairs.
Lighttpd 1.4.67 was launched, with a range of bug repairs.
Amazon AWS opened a brand-new area in the United Arab Emirates. This is the 2nd AWS area in the Middle East, signing up with the existing area in Bahrain.
Microsoft’s Windows Server 2022 is now usually readily available.
Cloudflare released a short article about the advancement of its function developed HTTP Proxy, Pingora.

Web server market share

DeveloperAugust 2022PercentSeptember 2022PercentChange.
nginx328,204,21128.91% 319,472,14928.29% -0.62.
Apache256,787,97622.62% 247,026,64521.88% -0.75.
OpenResty92,609,4148.16% 92,645,9818.20% 0.05.
Cloudflare77,538,2266.83% 83,638,1157.41% 0.58.

Web server market share for active sites

DeveloperAugust 2022PercentSeptember 2022PercentChange.
Apache44,132,53322.20% 43,717,84921.83% -0.36.
nginx39,767,85420.00% 39,729,57019.84% -0.16.
Cloudflare21,302,28510.71% 21,474,12810.72% 0.01.
Google19,024,2569.57% 19,919,4819.95% 0.38.

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Web server market share for top million busiest sites

DeveloperAugust 2022PercentSeptember 2022PercentChange.
Apache221,39522.14% 219,27121.93% -0.21.
nginx216,17521.62% 214,77221.48% -0.14.
Cloudflare205,13020.51% 207,58220.76% 0.25.
Microsoft55,6265.56% 55,3075.53% -0.03.

Web server market share for computers

DeveloperAugust 2022PercentSeptember 2022PercentChange.
nginx4,770,13038.58% 4,787,23139.07% 0.50.
Apache3,423,69727.69% 3,408,87427.82% 0.14.
Microsoft1,331,05210.76% 1,303,52510.64% -0.13.

Web server market share for domains

DeveloperAugust 2022PercentSeptember 2022PercentChange.
nginx75,063,16327.62% 74,682,98227.49% -0.13.
Apache60,875,28022.40% 59,846,23422.03% -0.37.
OpenResty39,687,48214.60% 40,027,29514.74% 0.13.
Cloudflare24,416,6938.99% 24,956,0459.19% 0.20.

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