The Ultimate Guide to PHP Versions | Latest PHP Version

The Ultimate Guide to PHP Versions|Most Current PHP Variation

If you’re running WordPress websites, you have actually most likely heard the term “PHP” tossed around. Widely known websites like Facebook and Wikipedia are sites established utilizing the PHP language. Furthermore, 40% of the web is powered by WordPress which is constructed utilizing PHP. However, what is it?

Keep checking out to discover various PHP variations. Get a breakdown of the current PHP variation and information on current PHP releases.

What is PHP?

PHP is a basic function scripting language utilized in web advancement and is extensively utilized by a few of the biggest sites on the web. PHP means “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” The language is open source and totally free to utilize.

Why Exist Numerous PHP Versions?

Cellular phone upgrade frequently. Video game get spots. The exact same opts for PHP. Each PHO variation presents brand-new functions as prepared by the maintainers of the language. Versioning enables advancement groups to securely upgrade to brand-new variations or move from one significant variation to another.

What is the Present PHP Variation?

Since the time of this writing, the present PHP variation is 8.1. This will be actively supported by the PHP Structure up until the 25th of November in 2023, with security updates continuing for another year afterwards.

Why It is very important to Utilize the current PHP Variation

There are a variety of reasons that you ‘d wish to utilize the current PHP variation. Here are a couple of to think about.

Most Current Functions

The development of PHP has actually seen numerous brand-new functions, particularly in the last few years, that make PHP much more effective. Not just is access to PHP for web advancement significantly typical, it likewise uses excellent functions that compare to other effective languages. If you aren’t utilizing the current PHP variation, then you are losing out on these most current functions.

Active Upkeep and Bug Repairs

Sustainable software application is supported by regular and constant updates in reaction to bug reports. Maintaining to date with each release of the current PHP variation guarantees the most steady experience that the functions set needs to use.

Security Updates

It is essential to keep in mind that security problems occur and require to be attended to quickly and efficiently. Utilizing the current PHP variation guarantees the durability of security updates. While older variations of PHP deal security updates for a time past “end of life,” the most safe and secure alternative is the variation that is actively kept.

Total Guide to PHP Versions

PHP VersionRelease DateKey FeaturesPHP 8.1 (PHP present variation) November 25, 2021Enumerations, readonly residential or commercial properties, noreturn type, brand-new in initializers, last class constants, fibers (asynchronous PHP) PHP 8.0 November 26, 2020Major efficiency enhancements, just-in-time collection, nullsafe operator, match expression, fitter residential or commercial property promo, union types, combined type, fixed return typePHP 7.4 November 28, 2019Custom things serialization, null coalescing task operator, reflection for referrals, foreign function interfacePHP 7.3 December 6, 2018Reference task for destructured varieties, versatile heredoc and nowdoc syntaxPHP 7.2 November 30, 2017Object type tip, abstract function overridingPHP 7.1 December 1, 2016Void return type, class continuous visibilityPHP 7.0 December 3, 2015Major efficiency enhancements, null coalescing operator, return typesPHP 5.6 August 28, 2014Variadic functions, argument unpacking

For an extensive list of modifications, see the PHP 5.x changelog, the PHP 7.x changelog, and the PHP 8.x changelog.

It is essential to keep in mind that PHP 6 was never ever launched. While initially prepared, PHP 6 was deserted and the release following PHP5.x continued with PHP 7.x. This dive in the variation number was mostly to avoid confusion when talking about the deserted PHP 6 as compared to the to-be-release variation following PHP 5.6.

Furthermore, PHP variations are offered for download all the method back to PHP 1 on the PHP museum site, for those that are interested.

How to Inform Which PHP Variation You’re On

Command Line

The command php -v will offer the active PHP CLI variation. Keep in mind that this might be various than the variation of PHP operating on the server, which is utilized to serve web demands.

phpinfo() of phpversion() functions

PHP uses numerous functions for showing server setup details. This details is usually for debugging functions and need to not be made openly available as a few of the details might be abused.

In your regional environment, you can utilize the phpinfo() function to render a table of server setup information in a simple to check out (and search) table.

Furthermore, for fast access to the PHP variation you can utilize the phpversion() function to just return the active PHP variation utilized by the server.

WordPress Control Panel

The WordPress administrator control panel has a website health tool (under Tools -> > Website Health) that information the server setup on which the website is set up. Noted here is the set up PHP variation.

How to Update Your PHP Variation

If you wish to be on the current PHP variation, here’s how to upgrade it.

Update PHP Utilizing apt on Ubuntu, Debian, Linux

A particular variation of PHP can be set up utilizing the apt command-line energy, following the calling convention of phpX.X, for instance php8.0 or php7.4.

The listed below command will set up PHP variation 8.0:

sudo apt-get set up php8.0

Numerous variations of PHP can be set up, however just one PHP variation can be triggered at a time.

Presuming an active variation of PHP 7.4 upgrading to PHP 8.0, the following script will disable PHP 7.4 and allow PHP 8.0:

sudo a2dismod php7.4 sudo a2enmod php8.0 sudo service apache2 restartsudo update-alternatives– set php/ usr/bin/php8.0

PHP Variation Frequently Asked Questions

The Number Of Variations of PHP Exist?

Beginning with variation 1, the PHP community is presently at variation 8.x. This is not to consist of the unreleased variation 6 of PHP, so there are presently 7 significant variations of PHP.

Which is the current PHP Variation?

The current PHP variation is 8.x, which includes significant efficiency enhancements in addition to significant functions that bring assistance for stability and predictability in the code.

Is PHP 7.4 End of Life?

PHP 7.4 is getting security updates just. This indicates that reported security vulnerabilities will lead to spot releases, however will not consist of any brand-new functions. Security updates will end for PHP 7.4 on November 28th, 2022 at which point PHP 7.4 will be thought about end of life.

Which Variation of PHP is Finest?

The very best variation of PHP is normally the current variation of PHP that is offered for usage. For brand-new tasks, this will typically imply PHP 8.x is the location to start. For existing tasks, there are compatibility factors to consider that might need some code updates to make sure that the job works with any breaking modifications in the current release.

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